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marketing - my own, actual, pragmatic methods

updated wed 16 jul 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 15 jul 03

Dear All...

I have playfull mentioned on some of what in some ways are
the elements of what I take to be the present larger
context, venue, and embuements variously as undelie
make up the 'marketplace' generally.

That has been my mood lately, and 'moods' like Weather, are
pleased to yield to progressions unto what they do.

Instead, here to mention of some matters of practice.

Now, I am not trying to 'market' my Pots, as they are not
presently a component of my occupations.
I wish they were, they shall be once I am moved to happier
lodgeings with more room TO do them.

If they were, or, as I was starting to do when I thought
they might is what I would do:

A.) Have 'Business Cards' and nice ones...also a little
three-fold brochure or similar as has images.
"Wolesale To The Trade" even...

B.) Outline 'what' I do and can do or want TO do, on them.

C.) Give away many of these Cards, so anywhere I do
business, eat, shop or socialize or sit-on-a-bus-seat or

I would do the kind of Pots I do...AND I would be willing to
do other kinds in some ways as

Sinks...Baptismal Bowls...replications of old work
variously...Architectural elements, Mouldings, Tierra Cotta
as may be Garden or other figures...Tiles, whatever I can do

Slip Cast things of varied kinds...'press-mould' Pitchers of
Natural vignettes I'd make the moulds for...on and on...and
what not else AS both
a 'specialist' in my own tastes, and 'light Cavalry' for
other needs as might come my way.

I would go out and shake hands, kiss babys, and talk, talk,
talk, talk, talk...shsort-and-sweet of 'talk' but often and

I would visit Antique stores, specialty stores, talk with
the Manager, cut-em-in...make 'deals' to my Bank
Manager...on and on... and do the schpiels, and tell
'em too...'Thumb Tack this danmed 'card' to the wall, so
the next time someone asks, you know 'where' it is..." ( and
make sure they do, too, even if I got to hand them the


I would be a buisy boy.