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pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 15 jul 03

Hi Mary!

...what fun!

I recall an antirely charming story as well...written about
80 years ago, and published in a 1926 book called 'Notes for
a New Mythology'...the Author was Haniel Long...

The story was called..."How Pittsburg returned to the

It, like all his beautiful...



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> >primalmommy wrote:
> >
> >I agree with Phil that marketers -- if they cannot find
the problem --
> >hand us one. Contented people are bad for the economy.
They bloom where
> >they are planted, make do with not much, find joy in a
full moon or a
> >red hen or a bowl of gooseberries. I speak to that with
some authority
> >;0) since "I are one". We don't trade in our cars, our
spouses, our
> >homes for the next and the next. So better that marketers
sell us some
> >angst and self doubt...
> >
> I am reading a very funny novel, Generica by Will
Ferguson. The
> premise is that a self-help book gets published that is so
> and popular that almost everyone gets happy. They stop
buying new
> stuff, they stop using drugs and alcohol, they play with
their kids
> instead of watching TV. Of course this throws all of
western society
> into chaos.
> I am not finished the novel yet, but at the point I'm at
> protagonist, an editor at the company that published the
book, is
> having his life threatened by tobacco guys, alcohol guys,
you name
> it, even rehab centre guys--they are out of business too.
A pretty
> interesting scenario, I'm dying to see how it ends.
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