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thanks from oregon/lacrosse

updated tue 15 jul 03


mel jacobson on mon 14 jul 03

As a Family,
The Hoskisons would like to Thank all of you. For inviting us, and allowing
us to be a part of such a great week. We feel like we got back way more
then we could of ever given to any of you. Don and I appreciate so much
each of you that spent time with the girls and shared yourselves and your
knowledge with them. Britt and I (and Mya) had so much fun firing that kiln
it did not feel like work believe me. We made so many new friends, we are
still talking and sharing stories of so many of you.
A few people have sent us photos(Julie and Desmond and Don) Thank you for
those, we are trying to put them all together into some kind of album, and
we love to look at them. It was great to see what Gregg has done on his
There are so many people to mention, Marty for the best dinner we ever ate
along the Mississippi, Nan and Kelly for the stories the girls are still
telling their friends. Tim and Don and all the people who helped us on the
kiln... you were all great and we couldn't of done it without you. All of
Karens students especially Jon and Paula, every time I needed something one
of them was there with the answer. Mississippi Mary and Mark T. you know we
love you. To Ann, Mya can hardly wait for school to start.
My Favorite picture of the whole week is the group photo, because it was
the group... each one of you that made it so much fun and worthwhile.
please keep in touch, we would love to hear from all of you.
Mostly and always thanks to Nils for teaching us how to Wood fire to Karen
for being so great and to Mel for keeping them in line.
Cindy, Don, Brittney and Mya
We've had some time to recover and reflect on the huge success of the
Potters Council Workshop on Firing Practices, held June 12-15, 2003 at
the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse, and thought it appropriate to
share some feedback and our appreciation for all who participated.
The evaluation forms clearly show that we had a home run--on a scale of
1-5 (with 5 being the highest) attendees rated the quality of the
program a 4.8. That is a direct reflection on the generosity,
professionalism and enthusiasm of the presenters to whom we owe a great
deal. These 12 people donated their time and paid their own expenses to
be there to share their knowledge. We can't say thank you enough,
because without you, the La Crosse workshop would not have happened.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And to the attendees . . . what a wonderful group of caring and sharing
people. Some of the most pleasant surprises of the weekend were the
small groups that gathered here and there to help and learn from each
other. Having the opportunity to spend time with others who share a
common interest is what Potters Council is all about. And to see this
"association" occur with such ease was extremely gratifying. Again,
without these special contributions, our success would not have been so
There is another group who deserves kudos--the behind the scenes crews.
The East Creek anagama crew form Oregon. Especially Cindy and Brittney
Hoskisson who very ably kept those firing crews in line and the wood
kiln stoked. Some long and hot days for them, but they did their duty
with poise and grace. And, a big thank you those of you who helped with
all of the firings-wood, salt and raku.
Paula Bockenfeld, Katie MacDonald, Jon Lee, Marty Schwem and Joyce
Diveley (UW-LAX students) were a huge help everywhere--from setting up
the gallery show to helping in registration to assisting during breakout
sessions. We would have been running around like chickens had they not
been there to help out. And even with all that to do, Jon took lots of
slides and did presenter interviews for an upcoming article recapping
the Workshop. Look for that soon in Potters Pages and Ceramics Monthly.
In closing, let us just say we had a great time, and the experience as
organizers was rewarding. We are already talking and beginning to
formulate the next workshop. While Karen might not lead, she will be a
counselor to the next lucky potter who steps up to the plate to lead.
Stay tuned for more details later this summer!
Thanks to all who were there . . .
Chris and Karen
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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