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adapting tools following loss of grip

updated mon 14 jul 03


Janet Kaiser on sun 13 jul 03

A very kind and generous Clayartess has sent me a couple of household tools
with big chunky handles. These are deluxe items indeed and very much

When I first lost all ability to grip handles, pens, knives, etc. I was
very frustrated. Now my stiffness has improved but my grip is not 100%
restored, so I thought of how to adapt old favourites so they would be
usable again..? After all, if all the tools and implements were to be
replaced with these "ergodynamic" arthritic ones, it would cost an arm and
a leg. And all those handmade tools in a workshop would remain NBG.

So I came up with using those grey spongy insulation pipes available from
plumbers, DIY and home supply shops... Cut into short lengths, they easily
wrap around handles and make them a lot easier for holding and gripping.
The spongy surface also makes them easier easier to hold without exerting
quite so much grip as they are not slipping around when loosely held. I
have been using it on pens, knives and even toothbrush's.

I was very pleased with myself for coming up with such a novel solution
until my occupational therapist said "oh, yes" apparently many DIY men have
long hit upon using this pipe lagging in various diameters and sizes for
adapting their own workshop tools as well as kitchen and household
implements... I guess they would do anything rather than take over those

Just thought I would share the idea with the many Clayarters who suffer
from impaired hand use and poor grip...


Janet Kaiser - feeling sorry for my Kiwi Cousin driving up from London on
one of the hottest days of the year!

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