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toronto outdoor art exhibition july 11 - 13, 2003

updated sun 13 jul 03


Helen Bates on sat 12 jul 03

Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, but if you're in or near Toronto this=20
week-end, there are still two browsing and shopping days left in this=20
approximately 40 year old juried art show. Art here includes pottery=20
and the other 3-dimensional fine art crafts.

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - at Nathan Phillips Square- July 11, 12
& 13, 2003, (Toronto, Ontario)
Ceramics artists - 2003 listing: Click button labelled "2003 Artist
Catalogue" then select "Ceramics" from the drop down box "list ... " and
then click the arrow below the year box (set at 2003 by default):
Thomas Aitken; Sara-Lila Asselin; Max Blankstein; C=E9lia Brandao; Susan
Card; Shu-Chen Cheng; Jeff Chown; Ying-Yueh Chuang; Nancy Clarke; Tony &
Sheila Clennell; Kimberly Davy; Darren Emenau; Andr=E9 Floyd; Christie
Gruppe; Stephen Hawes; Jane Hill; Sin-Ying Ho; John Ikeda; Montserrat
Janer; Monica Johnston; Eriko Kakiuchi;
Alexander Kastulin; Gabrielle Kauffman; Laura Kukkee; Kasumi Lampitoc;
Pattie Laurin; Marc Lemieux; Michelene Lewis; Marni Lockington; Terrie
MacDonald; Janet Macpherson; Dale Mark; Mary Beth Marmoreo; Hilary
Masemann; Phillis McCulloch; Joan McNeil; Carol-Ann Michaelson; Zsuzsa
Monostory; Julie Moon; Richard Mund; Cynthia O'Brien; Colleen
O'Reilly-Lafferty; Susie Osler; Lisa Parsons; Jana Pavlasek; Marie-Luce
Pelletier; Mary Philpott; M. Bernadette Pratt; Dorothy & Peter Price;
Bill Reddick; Bill Rowland; Shana Salaff; Gavin & Sandra Silberman;
Steven Smith; Joanne Stanton; Dora Faix & Matthew Szeszak; Xenia Taler;
Robin Tieu; Rebecca Webster; Richard Weiss; Danuta Weizenbluth; Eric Wong=
Ceramic Sculpture: Select "Sculpture" instead of "Ceramics" in the
"list ... " box:
Nancy Farrell; Kenneth Gangbar; Gareth Lichty; Kasia Piech; Kim Simonsson=

One fine exhibitor from my area is:
Bill Reddick (Northport Pottery) (Northport, ON, Canada)

Bill has added new work recently, including some exciting new forms.


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