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updated sun 13 jul 03


terry sullivan on sat 12 jul 03

I completely agree with Paul Lewing that slides will most likely remain
the jurror / gallery choise for some while. It will be many years before
the majority of folks are as facille with digital camers and such as we
all are with 35mm slide technology. Might be decades, if ever,for some
of us folks ( like me ).

Now for the other side of the coin. I, and the Nottingham Center,
sponsor a purchase award at the SPFN ( ok, strictly functional pottery
nattional ). Since it would be very costly for me to fly to
Pennsylvania to choose the piece; I usually let Jean Lehamn, select it.
This year Jean sent me a CD with pictures of the 100 pieces in the show
( made from scanning the original entry slides ). It was a pleasure to
finaly get to see the entire show in color, and it made choosing the
purchase award piece very easy. It's a heck of a lot easier to pop a
CD into the drive and view the images on the high deffinition computer
monitor than set up a projector and screen, load the carrosel, wait for
night ( no way to darken my office by day ), etc. Lot easier to take
notes in a lighted office than a dark room too. Also: jumping back and
forth between images on a CD if far, far easier on a CD than a
projector. Hey, CD's rarely " jam" either.

I still use the superior quallity of 35mm slides, but also scan them
onto disc. Best of both worlds.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts