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firing down believer

updated sun 13 jul 03


Kurt Wild on fri 11 jul 03

I've heard Mel talk, for quite a while, very positively about firing down
(Hank Morrow idea I believe) -- but I was skeptical.
I finally tried it and now I'm a believer! I've tried for years to even
out my kiln no no avail. After firing down my kiln evened out like it
never has before. The glazes were fine and the body reduction was great.

I started reduction at 1600 degrees F. to 1625 F.and continued with a light
reduction to cone 9. I shut the kiln down, left the burner ports open and
fully opened the damper. I waited about 10 minutes for the temperature to
drop to 1900 degrees F. Next I followed Mel's suggestion to turn on just
one burner and manipulate the gas and damper in such a way as to maintain
the 1900 degree temp without reducing. I had trouble stabilizing 1900
degrees F. until I turned on my second burner. Once stabilized I held
the kiln at 1900 for one hour - without reducing.

When I unstacked the kiln, I could hardly believe seeing that all three
sets of cones (bottom, middle and top) were even.

I'm a believer and a convert.