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updated thu 10 jul 03


clennell on thu 10 jul 03

Arti wrote:
> Hey TC, wasn't it lucky for you that I advised you to triple your prices
> before Dannon wrote that checkHEHEHE....I know you took my advice, dincha?...
> You wrote:
> Picking a cup for a potter and
> one you respect is too much stress for this cowboy.
> I got one cooling I think is destined for Arti
> What??...are you implying that you had no problem picking out something for
> me?....Jeez, you could at least change your mind a couple times...

Arti: I been having a hellava time pickin one for you there buckaroo! You
know I love your crazing style. Want to send a message. Want you to think
about the pot a long time before you love it. Kinda like me. the ones that
have put up with me for a while learn to love some of my nonsense. the best
pots are not barbie dolls that appear all perfect and pretty and always say
nice things on Clayart. I wanted yours to be kinda alot like me. All the
stuff you know about me, not the nasty barn yard animal stuff that wacko
called me. Oh yeah, it's horribly crazed- alot like me. The crazing is a
turn on for me. I never read the limit formula posts.
Carol Tripp from Dubai was here today. I was away getting pedestals and
canopy and stuff. She told Sheila she had never been in a pottery where the
people make stuff so hard to buy. Her husband wanted to buy Sheilas 4 best
tumblestacked crusty teabowls. Sheila wouldn't sell her them or other
stuff she wanted. Said she would have to visit us at the show in TO. She did
manage to take away my favourite stacked bowl, ash celedon, shell scarring,
carbon trapping. So you see I did listen to you. Instead of tripling the
prices I've made them priceless. OK, every man has his price. I'll hold out
for a day or two.
So you had a 442! My dad had a 55 Rocket 88. We buried the speedo on a
trip thru the praires. Can spot a cop a hundred miles away on the bald
headed prairie.
Keep the pedal to the metal.