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the "non tongs" ...uses and fun...

updated wed 9 jul 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 8 jul 03

Quite so Leyland!

The uses unto absurdity to which our Tools may be put are
continuous with those uses we had meant them to be put...or,
thus do discovery keep it's fresh edge as well, for all...

I am sure someone somewhere, has sat on their bed, pareing
the odd toe-nail in intermittant, glazed eye of dreamy
abandon...with some of my little
Loop Tools...with whatever success they may bring to that
task...or find in it...

Still...a better foray than trying to use them to open
paint cans or scrape that peeling paint from the eves...

Best of good fortune with the Non-Tongs!

It's about time someone made them!

Glad it's you who did, is, will...


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From: "Leland G. Hall"

> Phil wrote in part:
> Hey Leyland!
> Too, as many 'pre-schools' are run by some quite old gals
> who may prefer to avoid stooping or bending over when an
> alternative exists...these might be just the ticket for
> picking up the odd neonate or insipient toddler, or for
> moving them from one area of the sticky floor or weed
> back yard to another. Swinging them to an accompanyment
> some little tune or rhyme or other too, might be elected
> just for fun. ( In fact, be a good prophylaxis so far as
> keeping a little distance from all them 'germs' which
> youngsters, or is it the 'pre-schools'? - typically are
> known to transmit too...a way to get-a-handle-on-it, so to
> speak.)
> Just a thought...