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the "non tongs

updated wed 9 jul 03


Leland G. Hall on tue 8 jul 03

Phil wrote in part:
Hey Leyland!

Too, as many 'pre-schools' are run by some quite old gals
who may prefer to avoid stooping or bending over when an
alternative exists...these might be just the ticket for
picking up the odd neonate or insipient toddler, or for
moving them from one area of the sticky floor or weed dotted
back yard to another. Swinging them to an accompanyment of
some little tune or rhyme or other too, might be elected
just for fun. ( In fact, be a good prophylaxis so far as
keeping a little distance from all them 'germs' which these
youngsters, or is it the 'pre-schools'? - typically are
known to transmit too...a way to get-a-handle-on-it, so to

Just a thought...

"a way to get-a-handle-on-it, so to

Just a thought...

Could have like 'pink' or Robin's Egg 'blue' ones...(the {non}
tongs I mean...)"

End of Phil's message,
Oh my, what a picture. Yes, folks keep coming up with ways to use the Non
Tongs that I had never imagined. I'm looking forward to when other folks
discover how well they work for their intended purpose! I'm sure sorry
Marcia chipped the lips of (was it 3?) some of her pots. But the Non Tongs
were not designed to go inside the mouth of pots. Still, I get the
impression that she likes them. Hey, whatever works!

We are working on a web-site where people will soon be able to read about
the Non Tongs. See some images of them in use. Order them too if they
like. I know that some folks that make bottles for raku will just make
their own version. Pretty simple device really. Thats OK. I'm hopeing
that others, the ones that can't, or don't have time or whatever will buy
them from me though. I'm going to offer a 100% gaurantee. They really do
work way better than conventional tongs for certain forms. They have
expanded my raku horizons considerably. And what with the jig I had my
welding buddy make for me, I think they come out nice. Consistant too. I
really believe that those that like to throw that rather classic vase form,
with the collared in neck, and the flared rim, will like this tool a lot.
Lifting red hot pots of this type out of top loaders is a snap, and safe
too! Just dip them in water before use, no glaze marring!

It will be interesting to see what the questionares we sent out to the
trial participants have to say. There may very well be ideas for
improvement. Changes which had not occured to me. We'll see.

I don't know about the pre-schoolers though Phil. They probably wouldn't
like to be dipped in cold water previous to use. I expect they would
holler. Not only do hollering children annoy me, but also if the
authorities caught wind of little chillens being dipped in cold water with
this strange new tool, they would probably want to know where it came from.
The resulting invesigation would lead them right to me. Yupper, right to
me. Bad for sales I reckon. Heck, I'd be sunk before the durn trial was
over. (A different kind of Non-Tongs trial would ensue!) Nope. I guess I
don't mind if folks want to fly, fling or toss pots with the Non Tongs, but
maybe we'd best leave the youn'uns out of it.

Now Phil, before you get all riled, and start telling me you never said a
word about dipping children in cold water with Non Tongs, let me remind you
that it really is the proper way to use them. The Non tongs that is. Not
the children.

Any way, thanks for the chuckle!

Later with regards,
in still smokey La Pine, OR
Raku Pottery, Sculpture, and maybe Raku "Non Tongs" for BOTTLES, probably
not for Pre-schoolers