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got clay? (now posts not showing on clayart

updated wed 9 jul 03


Lori Leary on tue 8 jul 03

Check your Clayart settings at ACers. (Did you subscribe from their
site, or did you use another source?) I think at ACers, there is an
option of having a copy of your post sent to you (or not)as well as the
Since you have never posted before, you may not have noticed.
Hope this helps,
Lori L.

Kay Howard & Phil Chaban wrote:
> Whoops--thanks to Mert and Holly for telling me my Got Clay? post showed up when I first sent it. Sorry to plug up the list but it never showed up on my mail, so I just sent it again (third time)! We did an MS upgrade and many things are screwed up, so somehow my own stuff is not coming here. Will try to reset my CA specs.
> Kay in now sunny Grass Lake, MI!