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using an inert atmosphere in an electric kiln

updated tue 8 jul 03


Michael Ault on mon 7 jul 03

Afraid I am not an artist...more of an engineer...but
need some help with determining how to fire a special
type of clay.

The clay contains varying amounts of graphite and
perhaps nickel as well. In a standard oxidizing
environment you can say goodbye to both of these and
in a full reduction environment my kiln (an electric)
probably won't last very long.

Therefore I want to use some form of reductive coating
(perhaps a carbon paste?) but protect the kiln by
using an argon or perhaps nitrogen purge very low
volume, just enough to keep the O2 out but not enough
to keep the temp down.)

I figure the carbon on the exterior will draw any
contained O2 out and consume it, while the
graphite/clay/nickel should be safe. The purge should
keep the reduction localized while protecting the
heating elements.

Am I totally out to lunch on this?



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