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fw: aberystwyth live debate

updated tue 8 jul 03


Jones, Jeffrey C. on mon 7 jul 03

Sorry to hear about your frustration Janet. You were obviously doing
everything right; you were there in the chat room, we had made contact and I
was waiting to hear more from you. Perhaps the problem was that you missed
the bit in my last message that said the start time of the debate had been
brought forward an hour. It was the first time that we had tried out this
idea of an on-line debate but it seemed to work OK. We had people chatting
to us from Florida and North Carolina as well as from various places in the
UK. By the time you joined us most of those had finished their conversation.
Again, I am sorry that it didn't work out very well for you, but it wasn't
that you were doing anything wrong. The debate/chatroom is open until Friday
so you can still make your contribution or even fix a time with others to
meet up on-line.
Jeff (Jeffrey C. Jones)

-----Original Message-----
From: Janet Kaiser []
Sent: 05 July 2003 16:20
Subject: Re: Aberystwyth live debate

What an utter 100% swizz!!! I spent ages trying to get registered and
"chatting"... Absolute zilch! All I saw were two pages of "previous debate"
with the bottom line from "Jeff" saying "hi Janet..." What a waste of
time! Don't know who Jeff is... Suppose it must be Jeffrey C. Jones who
told us about it?

I have never been in an on-line chatroom in my life, so maybe I was just
not getting it. Perhaps everyone is chatting away as I speak? Whole of
Clayart and some? I cannot stand it... Boo! Hoo! Not only not able to go,
but now excluded from TALKING too... Ye, Gods....

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here? When setting up anything NEVER
depend on the previous knowledge level of the mixed audience you are
addressing! You have got to accommodate idjuts like me as well as those
whizz-kids who are top of the class!

Janet Kaiser - In a terrible huff in Criccieth... Eckhard will wonder
what's wrong... All "interpreting ceramics" fault if I bite his head off...
Poor man!

>This is to remind everyone that the Interpreting Ceramics on-line debate
>(in association with the Aberystwyth International Ceramics Festival) is
>to happen. Please note that the start time of the special on-line meeting
>Saturday 5th July has been brought forward to 2.00 p.m. (1300 hrs GMT,
>hrs British Summer Time). You can check out further details on the
>Interpreting Ceramics site (
> ) and there are already some comments posted
>on the live debate pages to get you thinking about what you might
>(click where it says contribute to a live debate through these pages and
>then see the menu).
>We hope that you will be able to come to the meeting.
>Jeffrey Jones, editor, Interpreting Ceramics.
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