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salting question, canuck marketing and onion soup

updated mon 7 jul 03


Mike Carroll on sun 6 jul 03

Thanks for the responses! I will try a load with just
a little salt. To answer some of the questions, the
kiln arch was built with Hi-Heats and the firebox was
Superdutys. I don't use drawrings with this kiln as
the salting is for flash not glazing and it can vary
quite abit from front to back. I did use a wash from
the kiln building article about Rock Creek Pottery in
Studio Potter. I'm still home so I don't have the
recipe at hand but I think it had Alumina, Zirconium
Oxide and EPK. I did not put this on the bag wall
though, it was applied to the firebox, flue exit and
12" of the side walls. I re-apply this every 4th
firing. I am going to rebuild the bagwall sometime, do
I want to wash that? It does look purdy! A husband who
wouldn't come in to look at pots with his wife, stayed
outside and checked out the kiln. When I came out to
see if he had any questions, he asked if the bagwall
bricks were ever going to be for sale. I said gee, I
don't know, but here, tiger, you can have a post! His
wife got a nice bowl, he got an onion-soup-looking
post and I learned some of that Canuck marketing. I
have to admit a particular affection for that Canadien
Pro-Stone in this kiln, looks nice and the boxes only
weigh 44 lb! I'll call you next time I'm riding the
QEW Tony.

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