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mike carroll learns canuck marketing

updated sat 5 jul 03


clennell on sat 5 jul 03

Sour Cherry Pottery

> Oh, Jean Luc Ponty? Well it is the 4th of July for us
> Yanks and believing I should pay more attention to the
> ozone alert than the Homeland Security alert level,
> I'm sittin' on the floor in my undies fighting with
> the dog for the spot in front of the fan and JLP on
> the stereo! Please don't start on me about my kiln and
> alert levels, my electric comes from nuclear coal and
> I don't go near the plant, I swear! I'll be
> celebrating this evening with some Canadiens, about 2
> or 3, can't handle much more. But that's OK because
> then they will be here for the whole weekend unless
> the wife gets at them. 20 years ago... those were some
> 3 day weekends.

Dear Mike: You could learn so much from us Canucks. Good to hear you're
hangin' out with some. Here I thought the Yanks were the kings of
marketing. When I had my chamber kiln and salted the second chamber i too
had brown boogers fall down from the arch on the pots. I called them
"Potter's Tears" and charged more for them.
Most of us long time wood firers have learned to turn dog turds into
Drop by anytime, when you're off to stock that Tuckers Canadian made clay.
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario