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soda spars

updated fri 4 jul 03


Bill Edwards on thu 3 jul 03

Thanks Craig M. I really appreciate your reply on the
soda spar of choice. I believe if others will follow
suit it will be a big help. At least it helps me to
catalog the information and over time this homework
will speed things ups in some new testing I am doing.
In the past what we did was take recipes and then they
would be scattered to the four corners without much
knowledge of who was using what unless we happened
across each other. Maybe by asking I can get a better
picture of some materials that seem to find their way
into the chemistry list of potters more often than not
and the reasons why. Soda spar just happens to be one
that seldom gets a lot of attention.

William Edwards


Bill Edwards
PO Box 267
Lafayette, AL, 36862

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