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aberystwyth-me too!

updated fri 4 jul 03


=?iso-8859-1?q?sally=20Bazett?= on thu 3 jul 03

Hallo everybody,
I generally lurk (when I'm not sending messages to the
wrong people!). Just to say I'm off to the festival
too, can't wait!

Got my tent packed, my kettle (can't do without a
morning cuppa!) and I'm ready to face the long voyage
tomorrow. (mind you, I thought I had a fair distance
to go, until I saw that people where taking planes
etc. now I know its really just up the road!)

Bit scary to be surrounded with so much competence but
hopefully i should be able to absorb quite a bit and
I'm sure it will give me an incentive to do a glaze
firing in my not-so-new gas kiln!(it hisses and has it
own vocabuluary!-just can't translate it as yet)

so here's to happy potting where-ever you may be!
may the sun be shining, the wind fair. If you can
make it, I hope to see you there- if not read up
messages on clayart to see peoples impressions, take
part in the on-line debate, have a look on the
internet to see pictures of the setting, but above
all,Have a lovely day!!!

May the sun shine with you all,
Sally from the cotwolds,uk


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