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brian's deming logging show

updated thu 3 jul 03


Joyce Lee on wed 2 jul 03

I've been to that Deming show, Brian,
maybe a half
dozen times ... always thrilling and incredible
to a non-logging person .... since I seem to
be visiting Memoriesville today, thanks to
claybuds, it's great to include the sights
and sounds of overwhelming greenery,
the noises of chips and sawdust being
generated all around, the burly/macho guys
doing what they do best..... professionally...
logrolling and hatcheting every bit of
wood big enough to qualify ......
and the occasional slim, young reed of a
whippersnapper who beats them all hands
down completing some dazzling feat that=20
would not thrill
his mama. Thanks, Brian.

The One&Only Mayor will return before long,
buds, and I won't
have such constant access to your posts
.... won't be such a simple move to add my
trifle ...... you guys thrill me, though, sitting
here on my desert scrub .... when I read your
words at scattered moments throughout the
day, I feel that I personally am in an ongoing
conversation with friends.... a glorious dream
of a conversation where you say something;
I say something.... another of you says something;
I say something .... and on like that. Soon
I'll hush and
quit "showing myself," to quote Mama Luce.

In the Mojave where I heard yesterday that
another Brian...... Brian Smith from Arizona.....
met him at Troy's workshop in Mesa..... young
potter many lifetimes ahead of most of us in
talent....... is now living in London and working
with glass........ beautiful, stirring glass work.
Not a bit surprised. Even happier that I have his wood
fired oil can...... thought it was a teapot... without
a handle..... with a thin spout .... had only a few
in pottery at that time but you'd think I'd know
that it wasn't a TeaPot .... kept referring to it
as a teapot until CPA bud Bonnie gently
informed me that it sounded more like an oil
can........ thanks, Bonnie ..... still I recognized
exquisitry .... each of you would have, too .....