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lets try again! need help with $ value of gift.

updated mon 30 jun 03


Reed Bakken on sun 29 jun 03

Hello Clayart ,I need some Help. Our school has been given allot of pottery
stuff that has sat for 20
years in storage. The electric wheel is a Skutt, in perfect shape, which
hasn't been made for 15-20 years. I asked Charles Moore and Rikki Gill about
there's, and what it might be worth. The thing is, I need to get a dollar
value of these things for a Tax in kind gift rightoff. I was thinking of
taking one half of today's value but don't know if that would be fair. I
mean how do you put a value on homemade bats and glaze bucket holders, or a
wedging table? We got some of the old copper carb, the gray green stuff,
many sponges, tools ect. Makes me think, when I gone, someone will be doing
the same thing as I am here. Amazing what you collect as a potter over a
long period of time. Most people would just shake there heads, but as
potters we just drool and smile. Anyway, if Vince or other teachers out
there that have been through this could help, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
P.S. I sign my pots with my initials joined together, and add a change every
10 years, that way I can tell when they were made, if I ever seen them
again. It's been fun to see some of my old 70s pots. The Slip & Slurry is 25
years old now, can't believe it. Thanks again,
Reed Bakken
Slip & Slurry Pottery
Oregon, Il. 61061

Reed Bakken
Slip & Slurry Pottery
Oregon, Il. 61061