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amaco velvets @ ^6

updated mon 30 jun 03


Mary Dixon/Steve Stanchfield on sun 29 jun 03

I use a watercolor type technique with the Velvets, using a
tad of the color from the jar and add water to it in a
painting pallette with the little recesses in it, washing
the color on where desired (on greenware porcelain jewelry),
sort of how you paint a watercolor painting. Nice effect!
I bisque at ^6 and then (rebel that I am) clear gloss at ^02
with a lowfire gloss. Crazing has been minimal when items
are taken out when cool. This is the only way I have found
to get a gloss glaze over the Velvets without losing color
(which you do if you high fire clear gloss over Velvets,
either bisqued at ^6 or painted on bisqueware and then

Remember, do test tiles at a variety of temps and layering
of Velvets. The variations you can get are astounding and
deliciously time consuming.

This is why it is better to be a ceramics artist than a
glass artist---We are not against sharing secrets!

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Anyone here have experience with that?

Mary in Ann Arbor MI