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mason stains, i'm an idiot, and need a c.10 glossy clear glaze,

updated sun 29 jun 03


julie milazzo on sat 28 jun 03

no frit...

Hey Everyone!
So, a few weeks ago, I wrote, asking for advice on amounts of mason stains to use with glaze. I got it partly right, in that an ounce of dry mason gives perfect strength per one liquid pint of glaze. However, I really wanted paPOW color, and what I got was sherbert. It took a painter to tell me that I would get nothing but sherbert, if my base glaze was white. DUH! I knew that! Why didn't I know that?!?
Anyway, I am now looking to make a cone ten glossy glaze, clear, used in reduction and oxidation, and I have no frit or wollastonite. I have a ton of gerstley, and if needed, I have a friend who has every frit, except the one I'm looking for, 3124. I have needed this damn frit for a year, and have forgotten every single time to order it. Aaaargh! Of course, I'm firing tomorrow, want to make test batches today, and don't want to wait until the next firing to do this, so if anyone has a decent recipe, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Jules

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