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galleries in east lansing, ann arbor

updated sat 28 jun 03


Gail Dapogny on thu 26 jun 03

Ditto to all that Karen said, PLUS....I'll chime in here with a mention of
the Clay Gallery ---110 E Liberty, in Ann Arbor -- a clay
cooperative/gallery run by and comprised of 12 clay artists. Right next to
Selo-Shevel (see above) . Diverse, beautiful work ---- there are customers
here who tell us this is their favorite shop!
---Gail Dapogny in Ann Arbor

>Judy said it all beautifully. As an MSU grad and
>native of EL, I especially liked the part about the
>MSU gardens.
>If it's still going, Mackerel Sky is a craft gallery
>in EL. Also ck yellow pages for Okemos, just east of
>EL. I think ceramist Mark Chatterly lives there.
>If you get to Ann Arbor, the art Assoc has a lovely
>shop on Liberty St. Also Selo-Shevel (?) Gallery.
>Karen Gringhuis
>KG Pottery
>Box 607 Alfred NY 14802
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Kin Cook on fri 27 jun 03

I wanted to thank all those who responded to my post. I truly
appreciate the information! I got a bit carried away with my delete
key, so if i missed responding directly to you please accept my
apology for the oversite. Thanks again!