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vince's "ancient clay" workshop in n.w. wahington

updated fri 27 jun 03


Michael McDowell on wed 25 jun 03

There is still plenty of room in this workshop for people to sign
up. It runs from July 21st through July 25th. There have been a
couple of recent developments. First, I have been able to secure a
supply of llama manure for use as the reducing medium, so this will
be an opportunity to put Roger Korn's recent endorsement to the
test. Second, with regard to lodgings, the B&B next door has been
stripped of furniture as the owners went bankrupt. New owners are
the previous owners who held the contract. They have offerred to
allow workshop particpants willing to camp out on the floor the
generous rate of $20 for the run of the workshop. Full details on
the workshop are given at the following website:

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA