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signing your pots- revisited - wendy's post...and the name-game...

updated thu 26 jun 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 25 jun 03

Hi Wendy,

I used to think having a tattoo of a Heart and Roses and
celebrant-bunting and Blue-Birds with gilt-edged pale-yellow
ribbands in their delicate orange beaks and radiant Sun-Fan
lines comeing out from behind it and so on, on my upper arm,
where a girl's name would go...would be 'nice'...(especially
done in the old, pre-aniline dyes...)

But instead of the name being actually tatoo'd, it seemed
prudent to have a blank spot there as could be wrote in with
something like a felt-pen...and renewed or revised as needed
for those possible eventualities of renewed or revised

A happier alternative than having to get out the belt-sander
and 'Clorox' bleach I would think...

Credit Card companies also, are known to sometimes find
their own sort of vexation in the succession of names which
some girls elect to enjoy for themselves.
I knew such a one once ( or, six and a half years of pretty
much bliss, and six months of very much not-so of 'bliss'),
who, having got a credit card in her then disused previous
married of name, which she was useing at the time, had after
our parting resumed her birth-name, and thence married soon
unto yet another name...
Had, never-the-less thought her 'old' name quite good enough
for the continuation of the joint-account we had had with
old and nasty Chase-Manhattan-Visa.

As had been our happy, little, seldom-used, neat-as-a-pin,
paid-on-time-every-time of $20,000 limit 'gold-card' (in
those days, from 1978-1984ish, when I made on average a 9 to
eventually 15 an hour to the 10 or 12 or 14 hour out-door in
the 120 degree heat or 30s of cold, 'day', to her 4 to 6.00
an hour before-taxes of 7 hour air-conditioned days with
'lunch' and breaks and 'oh-I'm-so-tired' from work, or
'oh-I-chipped-a-nail', and so on days), which I never used
but for the odd motel rental (the card I mean) when
traveling, but then after we parted, she did, or continued
to...all the way to it's top. A minor detail as we had
overlooked in the occasion of our parting, or in the
distractions of it...or, as I had overlooked anyway...

But as did not overrlook, all the bills came 'here',
and the many 'phone calls came here, and the many letters
came here, as they could not find her and her name(s)
anymore...and it was some tussle too with old Chase and
their collections department and lawyers and so on, who
cared little or not for my version of the tale...

It was my 'first' credit card...and me being the co-signer
was her idea of 'shareing'...


Got my own card after that...well, l---o---n---g after that,
as no one would give me one oweing to how the 'trw' was so
far down the toilet pipes as to be slow bobbing beneath the
tan, bubbled scum of the settleing ponds on the edge of town
with the Algae and gnats and so on for company...which I may
say was about how I felt, too...

Well...I never did get that tattoo...but I still think it is
a nice idea...

Like having one's (entirely) own Credit Card, Bank Account,
all personal property 'protected' etc., general
'quit-claim-deeds' with her notarized signature and
fingerprints neatly on 'em, 'Bills of Sale', 'agreements'
'Mechanic's-Liens' and the like with her signature
notarized on them AND her finger prints next to it too when
appropriate for the particular document, with the about
'what' part left conservatively 'blank' pending
eventualities...and some 'good' photograph as well
paper-clipped to them, and all of it in the safety-deposit
box, in nice legal happy clean unambiguous 'order' in proper
'manilla' folders just as tidyness would
recommend...sometimes the 'date' part of a Notary stamp can
get smudged too...oh-well...

Ohhhhh...just kidding...!

Or, really only kidding a little, as by god, some of that
prudence DID come in handy a time or two since...


"Demz crazeb crazeb Wimunz!" an old black friend once

He been there too...oh-yea...

Amused, and also-with...a 'twinkle'...


----- Original Message -----
From: "Wendy Peck"

> The more practical reason may be that we are never quite
sure what our
> surname may be next year. You guys are born with a name
and carry it to the
> grave. Not so with us. We get married, and change our
name, or not.
> Hyphenate, but then get bored with that trouble so drop
it. Sometimes use
> one surname professionally and one personally. Or maybe,
we dump that guy,
> revert to birth name, maybe take an new name when we marry
again, or not, or
> hyphenate ... you get the picture. Some women could have
pots with four or
> five surnames - that could be confusing even to her.