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showing your bottom

updated thu 26 jun 03


clennell on thu 26 jun 03

David hendley wrote;

> Just yesterday two ladies who will be attending a state employees conference
> bought a bowl for their silent auction. The biggest selling point for
> selecting
> my bowl to take with them was not its gorgeous blue glaze or its timeless
> designs proportions, but that it said "Maydelle, Texas" on it.
> They are proud of where they live and want to show people from other
> parts of Texas some art from their town.

David: You know I luv your mantra- "everything matters" but i fear what you
covet as what matters is not what matters. Attention to detail is what
matters. If the ladies bought your pots because they want something that
says "Maydelle, Texas" on it then you should cash in and go where the money
is- the T-shirt business.
I have seen your bottom and it is flat and covered with physical graffitti-
body art. Name, town, country.
In a survey it was discovered that women like a mans bottom most of all.
Potters like bottoms too! I have seen them embarass themselves tipping a
plate of spagetti to see the bottom of the plate. Half of it is to see who
made it, but I also think it is to see attention to detail on the bottom of
the pot, care taken to glaze the underneath of the pot, the added skill of
being able to trim a footring as well as throw. Unglazed feet often
disappoint me unless of course there are flashing marks or some added little
bonus. I must admit to having a foot fetish.
I love my cups of yours but I never look at the bottom. The surprises are
all above your bottom. Will ya moon me for Christmas? Please!

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario