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a nice pottery book cheap at 'borders' on the closeouts table...

updated wed 25 jun 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 24 jun 03

Had stopped at 'Borders Books' to-night, something I never
do! - but, on the closeouts 'sale' table for $5.00 was a
stack of Books titled, "The Practical POTTER - a
step-by-step-handbook" by Josie Warshaw

One of those 8-12 X 11 soft-cover things...and...a very
decent book with a wide range of well illustrated
information covering the general range of Ceramic Arts from
the Wheel as well as hand-building and slip casting and so

Some quite nice work being illustrated as well...

So...I bought a copy for my Library...

Some of you may want to as well, so...