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peter voulkos video update.

updated tue 24 jun 03


Ken Stevens on mon 23 jun 03

Hi All,

Here is an update on the Peter Voulkos video. It turns out that we will
have two hours of footage and not three like I had hoped. The last 60min
reel only had audio for the first 30 or so minutes. It seems the student
that recorded the video had the video part of the camera turned off so it
only had the sound. The other two 60 minute reels came out fine. The second
reels had 40 minutes of recording time and the other had 50 minutes of
recording time. So in all we have 120 minutes of video total. The film is
in black and white not color. Toward the end of reel three, in a few spots
there may be some jumping. I was told that the tracking went off a bit and
was corrected. Back then the old VTR video recorders where hard to work
with. The professional that is transferring the reels told me he has them
saved to his hard drive for now. He just needs to check them a few more
time before making the final recording to DVD. All in all he told me they
held up vary good for being so old. Every thing on the videos where
recovered except for the first part of reel three. I should have the master
DVD and reels mailed back to me with in a week and then I can start making
copies for the ones that helped make this possible.

For the ones that chipped in $30 for this recovery thanks again. I can now
pay for the recovery of the reels. Now I am working on paying for the DVD
recording equipment. If I don=92t get more takers I will just buy the
equipment my self. I also want to remind you that if you had asked for a
DVD copy make sure your player will play DVD-R format. Other wise it will
not work. Some of the older machines will not play DVD-R disks.