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peter king's workshop/ken's report

updated tue 24 jun 03


Joyce Lee on mon 23 jun 03

What a great report, Ken. I've wondered how
things were going for you. If I get an opportunity,
I will INDEED take this workshop. It sounds like
exactly what I'm looking for. I've returned to the
studio now and seems the enforced absence
somehow increased my reach waaayyy beyond
the mugs, creamers, bowls I was doing.=20

exciting turn of events for me. I never, ever
thought I'd handbuild or even know WHAT to
handbuild if I did. AND I never dreamed of
handbuilding with slabs and then altering the
handbuilt work on the wheel..... thought altering
was only changing wheel-thrown work Somehow
watching all my videos again, re-reading the
books, thinking about how I want to spend the
next decade in clay switched something in my
creaky old brain. I hope it lasts.

However, I also don't want to give up what I
was doing, and working to improve those pots.
When I really looked around the
studio with different eyes, I was amazed to see
that some of my work wasn't as bad as I
remember..... still need lots of work on glazing
and decorating..... but I've seen worse offered
at much higher prices.......

Clay sure keeps one's life jazzed, eh?

Anyway, Ken, as I started to say, I need help.
So, thank you for letting us know about this

In the Mojave