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firing a totally enclosed pot .... will it explode

updated tue 24 jun 03


Marek and Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson on mon 23 jun 03

Dear Clayarters,

as has been said many a time - the answer is NO. Firing slowly will =
invariably inhibit any rapid expansion of gases. Most explosions are due =
(as has been said) to moisture. How do you think Bricks are fired ( =
break a hand made one and you will see many pockets of trapped air)?
After my College years I worked at my lecturers Studio making press =
moulded platters and moulds etc. We were also casting Porcelain Eggs. =
Geoff forgot to put in a pin hole and thought nothing of it, after the =
biscuit firing ( both bisque and glaze firings in an electris kiln - not =
particularly slow either)they were glazed. Now instead of shrinking they =
actually enlarged in volume - they blew themselves up like ballons. Most =

happy potting Marek and soon