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fibromyalgia potters-long eniva products worked for me

updated tue 24 jun 03


Tony Ferguson on thu 19 jun 03

Well, since we are sharing supplements, here I go:

These are the fact sheets I found on the products I use. There are more
on the site for every product.

"FLEX" (I take on a as needed basis)

"MUSCLE AID" (keeps the knots minimal)

"Minerals For Life" aka their mineral blend (a must)

"Phytamins" --aka Vitamins (a must)

I would recommend all of these. I
use all 4 products as well as the "Cal-Mag." As calcium
is the most important mineral for the body. This
helps on a tremendous number of levels.

Specifically dealing with Fibro--here is a link to a new product I was not
aware of called "Fibro Health: (we haven't used this one):

Fact Sheet on Fibro

Here is the general product links:


I found out about these products because a
friend of mine said, "here. you ought to try these." and gave us a variety
of things to try while signing us up--it was no cost to me so I didn't care.
Months later, I can say that I believe these to work. My mother was in the
health/gourmet biz for awhile and I read the spec sheets on
vitamins/minerals/supplements for 3 years--mostly ineffective products out
there with 90% of what you pay getting peed into the toilet. I have studied
the biology of nutrition and have a very good understanding of
nutrition--especially since I have been a vegetarian for over 18 years and
have had to learn to eat right, what's toxic, etc. I was a firm believer in
good, un-processed foods because you will get your nutrients with little
Still am a believer of eating good food but with most of the
foods out there being depleted in minerals and vitamins, supplemenation
hurt and we've felt the results. Unless you are getting organic and have
farm test or augment the soil, you don't know the nutritive qualities of the
you are eating. May look and taste good, but your body may be lacking
what it needs to build a healthy immune system, bodily maintenance, recovery
etc. I figure pay now or pay later and I would rather feel better and pay

What I have noticed using the above products (turned on to us by some very
good friends of our who are not flakes) is more energy, less back and joint
pain, less knots in my back and overall body. I have also required less
sleep I believe. I was in a car accident where my neck was injured (being a
potter/sculpture doesn't help either). I have since had additional problems
with headaches, back and joint issues, etc. I too spread my work out, take
breaks, but with products I seem to have more energy and work more

I am not new, but I sure as hell feel much better. Among other things, my
thumb joints swell up for 2 months at a time sometimes. I took the flex
(which one should take on a regular basis but I don't). It cut the swelling
down to less than 2 weeks and I was able to function in the studio. I have
aches and pains in my arms, wrists, etc. I also have higher, mid and lower
back problems and sacrum problems at times. The "muscle aid" breaks up the
lactic acid in your muscles = less knots, greater flexibility, less head
aches for me too. If my neck gets inflamed, I have to go to sleep in hopes
that I will wake up with out the migraine. I have tried the muscle relaxants
and other drugs but I don't like how I feel and the Eniva products work much
better albeit more expensive. (now if we can only get the insurance to pay
for it) I also have chemical sensitivities. SO, I am trying to give my
body what it apparently has not been receiving in terms of nutrients for
bodily maintenance. One of the motivations for the twins who started Eniva
was based on the governments studies that the soils have basically been
depleted since the 1950's and although we are eating food our bodies are not
nourished with the minerals and vitamins they need for bodily maintenance.
A report came out recently stating that all disease can be linked to a
mineral deficiency. AS far as I can tell, these guy's products do really
help people--their are 1000's of testimonials. Their products are 100%
absorbed as they cell ready and ionically charged--this is what the plants
do to the minerals. They studied the plants and how they absorb the
nutrients and figured out our bodies need angstrom sized particles for the
bodily to assimilate and utilize. You can find this info on the site.

Hope this helps. Should you decide to buy some product, I would recommend
Flex, Muscle aid and if you afford it, get the phytamins and Minerals as I
believe these are essential to overall health. You may want to try the
Fibryo but we have not tried it yet as the others seem to be working for our

Here is my distributor number. 23629. If anyone signs up, its significantly
cheaper than what is posted on Eniva's website. I think I get a very small
% back but I wouldn't know as I haven't signed anyone up yet. Once you sign
up, you order directly through the website and receive the member discount.
If you sign up under me, then feel free to call or email me with any further
questions about the products before you order. I have emailed my friend's
partner who signed me up frequently with questions about new products and
their frequent specials which are better than the member discount.

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
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Belinda Willis on mon 23 jun 03


I saw in your earlier post that you advocate a vegetarian diet. I'm strict
vegetarian, no eggs, no gelatin, my husband is even vegan. If you have
already gone thru the research and have found these items to be clean, I
would love to not have to ask all the questions about whats in what.

Have you checked these products to see if they are vegetarian/vegan?

Belinda Willis
Santa Rosa, CA