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updated sat 21 jun 03


iandol on thu 19 jun 03


Dear Fara Shimbo,=20

I think the problem with highly volatile organic fluids is that the =
vapour they produce can, in the presence of air or oxygen, ignite and =
burn furiously. When this takes place in an enclosed space the result =
can be an explosion. People who have had flame outs and spontaneous =
reignition after gas is admitted into a hot kiln know what I mean. I =
have to admit it has happened to me. So I would be highly reticent to be =
near a kiln when you were performing this technique.

When I have done reductions to get Moorish Lustre with Silver compounds =
I have choked the burner shutters and the secondary air intake and =
placed a burner with a good flame to ignite and burn the gas which =
issued from the flue. This is preferable and less smelly than using =
Rosin and safer than squirting organic solvents into the kiln.

You ask about Silver. This Element has a quaint chemistry and its more =
common compounds have curious properties. It is impossible to "Reduce" =
some of the materials we use to carry this element at the usual ceramic =
processing temperatures. Exactly what are you attempting to do and what =
is your process?

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia.