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la crosse

updated fri 20 jun 03


Rebecca Knight on thu 19 jun 03

The first Potter's Council workshop was a wondrous thing. Karen and Mel had
a vision of adults coming together to share their skills, techniques -
knowledge - with other adults via presentations and lots of group and
individual interaction. This is exactly what happened last weekend in La

The setting was perfect - beautiful scenery and warm, sunny weather. All of
the presenters shared information both formally and informally. I know it's
hard to believe, but they're all just regular people. I spent a lot of time
around the raku kiln, listening to Bob Anderson and asking questions. Got to
raku for the first time and participate in the women's power stoke of the
wood kiln.

Many thanks to Karen and Mel for organizing this, along with Chris Schnitzer
of ACerS, and to all of the presenters who shared with us. It was an
exceptional experience.

Rebecca Knight