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john's clay and ash mix ii

updated fri 20 jun 03


Lily Krakowski on thu 19 jun 03

One of the joys of rural life is the life outside....There was some major
animal squabble that woke me at three...Ok. And now a skunk decided not to
look both ways before crossing....

John: What it appears you "have" is something like a vitreous
engobe--something halfway between a plain slip, and a glaze.

You might want to test moving "down" towards a slip, by adding a little more
clay to some of your tests, and testing under a clear glaze. If you add
clay you might consider Red Art--even Barnard/Blackbird.

It was suggested you try colorants and the suggestions are excellent, but I
think you might want to get a glaze OR a working slip FIRST and then go for
color. Among the colors you might try for ,by adding magnesium (dolomite,
talc) and then some cobalt is eggplant....Iron in larger amounts (5% up)
might work, as might titanium and rutile...

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