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la crosse conference!

updated wed 18 jun 03


Gary Elfring on tue 17 jun 03

If you missed the conference in La Crosse you are going to regret it.
Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but some time.

It was a wonderful experience. Great sessions and every one was of
interest. It was painful deciding what to go to and what to skip.

FIRST, I would like to thank the group who put this all together. I
know how much work was involved in both putting together the
conference and the sessions. All I can do is thank you.

SECOND, I want to especially thank this same group for working so hard
to build a sense of community into the conference. When you don't know
anyone else attending the conference, you can decide not to go, just
based on your fear of being alone there. That did not happen. Not only
was everyone warm and friendly, but the conference was deliberately
structured to get everyone together and talking! The food for all but
one meal was provided, and for that meal the conference organizers had
sign up sheets- just fill in your name to get a ride with a group to a
restaurant. While the electronic community on clay art is very nice, I
think it is important to make actual contact with these new electronic
friends. This conference was the best way to do this!

THIRD, this was a perfect site for a conference. Wood kiln, salt kiln,
raku, gas and electric, inexpensive dorm rooms- everything that you

FINALLY, I want to thank the Nigerian scam artists for their valuable
lessons in the proper use of capital letters.

Best regards,

Bryan on tue 17 jun 03

After the weekend it sure seems quiet in the studio.

The book on tape that I am listening to doesn't compare to the tales and
experiences of a hundred potters.

If you are travelling through far northern Wisconsin I'd enjoy a visit.