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regional conferences: collecting info

updated tue 17 jun 03


Stephani Stephenson on mon 16 jun 03

Hello all
Earlier in the spring I was elected to serve on the board of the
Potter's Council. I intend to lend my shoulder to the plow in whatever
way I can, to help this new organization grow and fulfill it's mission
I know that in the days to come, the enthusiasm, success and lessons of
the Lacrosse conference will be discussed and examined as a model for
other regional conferences.

This conference is inspiring to those who are attending and also
inspiring to those who are not in attendance but who would like to be
involved in a future such event.

Right now some of you are brimming with thoughts and ideas about what
might happen in your region, as you read about the conference in
Speaking on my own here, as a CLAYART reader , but wanting to help in my
capacity as a new Potter's Council board member

I thought I would offer to start collecting your thoughts on future
locations, topics, etc. .

If you live in location where you would like to see or help with such
an event, if you have connections to an ideal facility or community, or
simply want to offer some input about your region, and your interests

please send your information to me at

I can compile the information. Hopefully It may prove a seedbed for
connections and prove helpful as we see what will come
down the road.

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA