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la crosse regional potters council conference

updated mon 16 jun 03


Joyce Lee on sun 15 jun 03

Just a reminder..... an important one if you
really want to get another Regional conference
into the works with advertising etc ......=20

The conference in LaCrosse is the first Regional
Conference ... offered by the Potters Council
the auspices of Ceramics Monthly, as is this
List. Sometimes
we tend to forget our sponsors who offered
countless incidents of assistance and professional

Regional Conferences were the subjects of
greatest interest (right after group health
insurance) in each of the Potters Council
surveys ..... which were disseminated and
results presented to the Council by
Ceramics Monthly under the=20
leadership of the most professional
Chris Schnitzer and Garry Moon. The La
Crosse conference is a direct result. =20
("Don't forget the fella who brung you, or
you might not get to go again, at least
not in the same style" ....... from
Mama Luce, not from CM.)

Joyce Lee
In the Mojave who would dearly love to be in
LaCrosse .. how exciting would that be!! Mel and
Karen et al deserve tremendous gratitude for
their dedication to a quality event ..... the first