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learning safety

updated sat 14 jun 03


artimater on fri 13 jun 03

Like I mentioned before.....I once notched 8000 aluminum heatsinks =
in one 8 hour day.....Using a 16 or 18" carbide blade with no guards =
that was lined up with my nose....I would slap the workpiece against a =
stop....Grab the handle beside the blade ...Pull it =
down....ZZZZINNNGGG.....Put the handle back up ....throw the piece in =
one bin and grab another from another bin.....
I was 17 years old at the time and I got to do this job a couple =
days a week for 3 or 4 months.....8000 pieces was my best day.....I also =
got to run several saws that had like 48" blades that cut long aluminum =
extrusions into the heatsinks....Plenty aluminum chips in my underwear =
every night....
My formal education....My safety class.....consisted of the boss =
saying, "There is the saw; there are the heatsinks....Slap em up there =
and notch that corner"......My real education was when I sat down and =
turned that saw on and it's sharp little teeth started spinning around =
about 5" from my nose....I could have went to 15 schools for 25 years =
and not gotten the message quite so clear....These power tools can MESS =
YOU UP!!!!....And I didn't have to split my head like a tomato in a =
guillotine to learn it....The greatest danger is for the most =
experienced operator...He is the one most likely to allow his brain to =
think about, "What's for lunch?" once to often.....All it takes is one =
time that blade contacts the workpiece when the operator isn't =
absolutely prepared....and the operator gets one more lesson in power =
tools....One he or she never wanted to learn...That was the wildest saw =
I ever saw(HEHEHE) and I have seen plenty....Those first few minutes =
communing with it taught me to respect every tool right on down to =
screwdrivers .....Screwdrivers look pretty harmless, don't =
they?.....Well NO!NO!NO! you can kill yourself with one if you don't =
think about what you are doing with it....Hasn't everyone seen the =
genius with a 20 penny nail shot through his forearm?....He never got to =
sit in front of that chop saw...
Happy Dad's Day Daddies,
Think I can wrangle this Dad's Day thing into a little consideration and =
cooperation around here?....Fat chance, huh?
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"
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