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help with pricing used equipment

updated sat 14 jun 03


Nan Rothwell on fri 13 jun 03

A friend of mine, who does not have Internet access, has some used equipment
to sell. I am writing NOT to list the equipment for sale, but to solicit
advice on appropriate pricing. She wants to sell it at a fair and reasonable
price. Please help me advise her on what to charge.

First: A seven-cubic-foot Cone 10 Skutt electric kiln. My friend bought it
new in late 1990, and has used it as a part-time potter, firing to bisque and
cone six glaze. The kiln looks to be in good shape -- no major cracks or rust.
She has replaced the top element within the past two years, but the bottom
two are original. The price will include all equipment -- a kiln-sitter, a
pyrometer, and a nice (quite new) full set of shelves and posts.

Second: A Brent Model B wheel (serial #803309) She bought it new sometime
during the mid-1980's and used it only occasionally, as a lot of her pottery has
been hand-built. It comes with a set of bats and a splash pan. I didn't
test-throw on it, but it seems to work well, with good speed control.

Please send postings to the list on your sense of what this equipment is
worth. Once we have a sense of what to charge, she may want me to actually post
these things for sale. At that time, potential buyers should respond off-list.
But I think that the group as a whole might like to see the consensus of
opinion on fair pricing.

Nan Rothwell
Nelson County, Virginia