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glaze gurus: c10 to c6 waxwing - brian

updated sat 14 jun 03


Ron Roy on fri 13 jun 03

Hi Brian,

Slow cooling is absolutely necessary for most of the glazes in our book -
certainly they will not look the same with normal cooling - you have to
read the section on slow cooling.

Just a matter of giving the crystals a chance to form.

I have never heard of any materials that have the same name coming from
different mines - send me a list of the materials you are using and perhaps
I can confirm if the materials could be part of the problem.


> Is this why I am having trouble with wax wing brown ?? I always
>end up with a greenish colored glaze.I thought that it was mostly due to
>the difference in the source of my glaze components. Same name different
>mine ???? I have a l&l kiln that i can ramp down slowly. Do you think this
>will be my answer. I bought your book and It has really helped me
>understand ^6 glazes.(plug,plug,plug). Thank you (and jon) for sharing your
>knowledge and making glazes less frustrating for us newbies.

> Brian Haviland

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