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updated fri 13 jun 03


Helen Bates on thu 12 jun 03

Jason Hess
LaGrange National Biennial XXII (LaGrange, Georgia):

Lagrange College Art Department (has ceramics department pages):
Lagrange College home page:
or more simply:
Carol and Richard Selfridge's Ceramic Art Collection United States Section:

Carol and Richard Selfridge's Ceramic Art Main Home Page:
Artworks Montana Gallery "Pour It" Exhibition (Bozeman, MT):

Artworks Montana Gallery "Just Bowls" Exhibition:
Art Montana Home Page:

Syracuse Ceramic Guild (Syracuse, NY, USA)
Artists links, Members' Photo
album, Annual Pottery Fair.
Artists with own web sites:
Charles Hunt ; Kim Marie-Mitchell
Artists with on-site links:
Carol Adamec; Frances Byrne; Vincent R. Clemente; Nancy Cole; Susanne
Farrington; Candace Rhea; Lauren Ritchie; Robert Shenfeld
; Carol Dorey Stone; Sallie
Kim Marie-Mitchell aka "Kim Marie" is a Clayart member.

Maine Pottery
Mark Hutton (Venice, ME, USA)

Sticks with mainly copper glazes, red or matt green. Makes good, solid
forms, and is one of the few I have noted that has a line of filter
coffee pots. His functional teapots are mosdestly jaunty. His wife is
a professional weaver.
The 9th Annual Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival (Grand Lake Stream,
Several potters included. Traditional crafts strongly represented. July
26-27, 2003. Sponsored by the Cobscook Community Learning Center.
Potter Mark Hutton will be showing there, as will Kevin Thompson of
Northwind Pottery: .

Cathra-Anne Barker and Richard Meyer (Barker-Meyer Studios) (Santa
Fe, NM, USA)

Cathra-Anne's work is high-fired, reduction stoneware; Richard's work is
low-fired, oxidation whiteware. Both do detailed colourful decoration
with glazes separated by either incised lines or resist methods.
The separation of glazes looks quite different from the result achieved
the "dry string" method, for example. (See the thread on "Cuerda Seca."
and this example of Cuerda Seca tiles by Beth Ballantine (originals for
a pattern reproduction line of tiles):

Lapidary Journal (sponsered by About Com, I think):

Articles relevant to clay:
The Alchemy of Precious Metal Clay (April 1998)

Kate Fowle uses ceramic overglazes to "age" lampwork beads

The City of Houston Health Department on Lead:

Article on lead glazes meant for the general consumer.

Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist - potters (Meriden, Connecticut)

Another religious community making pottery (and offering Clay Therapy)

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