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latex as resist/ and women and the law[s]

updated fri 13 jun 03


Lily Krakowski on wed 11 jun 03

Know zip about paper towels BUT paper often contains kaolin and one gets
sharp edged nasties around the edge of the paper resist. I have not done
any work in that area, but what the little greycells are muttering is try it
with nylon gauze type fabric....

As to women! In every culture I have heard of the worst torture type
execution method--except I guess for treason--is reserved for a wife who
kills her husband. Moreover, I think it is in the Massis (?) book on Peter
the Great that (describing the situation in Russia at the time) a man beat
five wives to death in a row, and the only punishment he got was that he
could not marry in Church again. In many countries to this day, adultery is
defined as a woman having an extra marital relationship/encounter. Men get
a free pass. In this country rapists get out of jail in record time. Do
you think if women could rape they EVER would get out? A mother who
murders her child/ren is described by the press as a monster or similar. A
father who kills his kids--a plain run-of-the-mill murderer. In many
countries and all too often here, a man who kills his wife's or girlfriend's
lover, or kills his own unfaithful lover, is given a light sentence --a.k.a.
a slap on the wrist--because it is a crime of passion. Let a woman do
that--vide Mrs Harris.

As to Mesdames Helmsley and Stewart--if you swim with sharks, you can get

Catherine White writes:

I also want to make cut-outs from
> super-absorbant paper towels, dip them in glaze, and apply to an already
> glazed piece for ^8 to ^10 firing. Have you tried anything like this?