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cobus potgieter virus not from

updated fri 13 jun 03


tony@DIGITALFIRE.AB.CA on thu 12 jun 03

I noticed some messages about this on clayart, there is
a misconception that this virus was emailed from the
website. This is false. I wrote the website and it does not
have the ability to produce an email with an attached file
nor is the information about the order even on the website.
The order number mentioned is a couple of years old.
What has happened is Mr. Potgieter\'s computer has a virus
and it is mailing out messages in his inbox and trash
to people on his email programs address list. I got a
message also since I am a friend of his.

Mr. Potgeiter is a potter in Namibia, his website is

This reminds me that if you are using Outlook, Eudora etc
as an email program you can be a victim of this type of virus
also. Imagine having some of the sensitive emails you have
written emailed out to random people in your address book
including lists like Clayart! Yikes. Even a remote chance of
this prevents me from touching Outlook or even keeping an
address list or history of emails on my computer.
You might think virus programs will catch these,
but they only catch known viruses, not new ones. New ones
are written every day.
I can write you a virus in 5 minutes and I guarantee your
virus program will never know what hit your computer.
For this reason I wrote my own email program, it works on
my webserver like hotmail and it simply does not have the
ability to download files. I can handle 1000 junk emails
a day and I can check my clayart in less than a minute
and respond to messages with a click. It can erase 500
messages in 10 email accounts in less than 5 seconds.

Tony Hansen, Digitalfire Corp.

Ababi on thu 12 jun 03

Sometime ago - I got a heavy e mail I believed a virus. I deleted it before downloading.
The sender was . There is not such an e mail in the present time.
They must of picked it somewhere either from an address book or from the ClayArt

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel

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>I noticed some messages about this on clayart, there is
>a misconception that this virus was emailed from the