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ceramic glaze handbook new corrections

updated sun 15 jun 03


Suzanne Tourtillott on thu 12 jun 03

Since we reprinted the hard-cover edition, contributors have notified us
of some additional discrepancies in Mark Burleson's The Ceramic
Glaze Handbook (Lark, 2001). If you have a reprinted (or revised) copy
of this book (hard or soft cover), please make note of these changes:

on page 22, the caption for the top image in the left-hand column
(=93Wollastonite=94) should read =93Magnesium carbonate=94

on page 133, the recipe for Antique Green is missing this ingredient:
Flint 15.0

on page 134, the Staffel Semi-Matte White lists =93Potash feldspar (f 4);=94=

it ought to say =93Potash feldspar (custer)=94

Should the correction list grow longer we'll keep you updated through
Clayart. The first two corrections were included in a letter that
accompanied your replacement copy--if you received it before the date
of this post. We just received notice of the third item in the list.

Thanks for your interest in Lark publications!

Suzanne Tourtillott
Ceramics Editor

Janice M. Boyd on sat 14 jun 03

Thanks very much for posting the corrections here. I have a hardcover
from the 2nd printing of the book - are there any other corrections I need
to know about?

Janice Boyd

Bonnie Staffel on sat 14 jun 03

Dear Suzanne,

I am the originator of the Staffel Semi-Matte White. I use Potash Feldspar
Kona F4 and this is correct. Perhaps Lee Davis gave you his version and he
might have substituted Custer as I gave him my recipe.

Staffel Semi-Matte White lists Potash feldspar (f 4);

it ought to say Potash feldspar (Custer)

Regards, Bonnie Staffel