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kiln suggestions / cone 10

updated wed 11 jun 03


Bob Nicholson on tue 10 jun 03

>Without meaning to disrespect the person who sent this
>to me, I'd love your opinions if it is really the case
>that the Skutt, L&L, and Coneart are underpowered or
>would otherwise not be a wise choice for consistent
>cone 10 firings. I don't intend to do cone 10
>exclusively, but I would like to be able to.

I generally fire my ConeArt to cone 6, but I have successfully
fired to cone 10. It's a 48 amp kiln, but I believe the extra
thick insulating walls help it to reach higher temperature
by reducing heat loss as the temperature rises. In any case,
it works. One of my friends also fires a ConeArt to cone 10.

(I can't comment on stress on the kiln, or how it might behave
as the elements age.)

As far as the wiring question, I believe you'll find that all kilns
in this range come with an unterminated power cord. You
can add a plug/receptacle of the appropriate type, or
you can hard wire the kiln. If you hard wire it, I strongly
advise you to have a cut-off switch nearby. Whether by
switch or plug, you'll want a convenient and reliable way
to cut power to the kiln.