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brit food; illnesses for artists

updated wed 11 jun 03


Diane Mead on tue 10 jun 03

As students in the dark ages at UGA, we watched a lot of artists get sick using
the etching/serigraph/litho studios. Some folks got bad illnesses. UGA became
really proactive and taught us the cutting edge info, installed thousands of
dollars worth of fan/vent hoods, and got really smart about keeping us healthy.
Most everyone understood and appreciated.

There is so much insightful and well-researched info on the hazards today. When
I was a wee sprout, such was not the case. I attended a university that was
dedicated to getting and keeping us all healthy, so I was lucky. My profs were
smart. As were administrators.

There are so many illnesses that crop up if we live long enough. There is data
that we may live to be over 100 years old. We have to be educated to make those
later years less painful. I have been a bit of a health Nazi about these
things, but I am proud of it and my students get irritated with me but those
kids may end up living to 120! I am the keeper of their art health lives. My
daughter is in college now doing research on the politics of orphan drugs. One
tough-to-diagnose illness and you know what I mean. Prevention is the best
approach with any health dilemma.

Another topic--Who coined that term "British cuisine"--Of course I am trying to
get a fun retort/epistle from Janet--I must say the BEST coffee I ever drank
was at the Randolph HOtel in Oxforddiane
in 89 degree Georgia---it is not even 11 am
and firing the anagama this weekend will be
quite the little Dante's INFERNO!!!--must go and throw that last bit of Shino
on the inside of that last bmix pot--please pray for no more cracks, ya'll

Mount de Sales Academy - Macon, Georgia