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bisqueing to ^6...

updated sun 15 jun 03


Miriam on tue 10 jun 03

Bisque to ^6 is a nightmare. The clay's pores are almost sealed.
I have done it by mistake!!! Used to keep the ^04 cones and the ^6 cones side by side...but when you're tired, disaster strikes!!!! NOW, they're on different shelves!!!!!
The glaze will slide off a ^6 bisque piece, leaving wavy rivulets... the only possible way to salvage the mess is to heat the bisque in a 200 degree oven b4 glazing...or use a hair dryer...
Have your patience in hand b4 attempting to salvage... you'll need it..
Oh yes, the glazes will not be the color you wanted...when put to ^6 either..:):)...
The whole experience is a nightmare..

Joyce Donahue on sat 14 jun 03

I too had the misfortune of reaching for the wrong cone and my bisque went
to cone 6..............uhhhhhhhhhhh! I tried ever which way to salvage 3
weeks of working on hand made boxes............A few I actually salvaged by
raku, most of them came out ok but not the best looking and defintely not
the same colors from previous firings. I also did not get any crackle on
the clear of white cloud pieces. I also warmed them before glazing
otherwise the glazes refused to dry.........