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kilns manufacturers/gas recommendations

updated tue 10 jun 03


Joe Coniglio on mon 9 jun 03

Hello Commercial Gas Kiln Owners,

Please post me privately or online on any opinion you might want to share on
one brand of commercial kiln vs another. I've outlined my needs below. The
one thing I am positive about is that potters have sentiments about their
kilns as if they were churches and I don't want to disrespect anyone or any
maker. I want to make a good judgement on the best kiln for me.

Opinions wanted: on the most reliable and the most easily maintained
commercially manufactured gas kiln for ***cone 10-11 reduction***

[at this juncture, I don't have enough "friends" to **build one**, I'm a
loner at heart and don't have the expertise or desire at this juncture to
build my own]+++now that could change!!

If you have an opinion please post me at

1) I'm on a 2 year plan and want to do the research right up to the very time
I make the purchase!

2) I want start out and buy a gas kiln for Cone 10-11 for reduction.

3) I would like to gather for personal use any and all endorsements and/or no
confidence votes on kiln brands based on:

a) {Front load} Rail? cost
b) reliability
c) ease of maintanence (including outfits that make house calls like our old
home heating guy)
d) expertise of initial set up from truck delivery to/and any test fire hand
e) most even temperatures throughout
g) your happiness quotient
h) best burner jets, valves and overall safety
i) fire brick? Fibre? Refactory?
j) resistance to corrosion and damage (duribility)
k) individual use probably no less than a cubic yard

Thank you very much.

Kilns have so many specs that I want to close in on a brand and dissect it
after make the brand choice.

(some people say visit schools!) The wisdom is a school that fires once a
week is going to tell the tale!)

Thanks again!!

(Joe Coniglio)
Design turned Potter