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co-ops/guilds and contracts...exit procedures

updated sat 7 jun 03


Elizabeth Priddy on fri 6 jun 03

Make sure that your contract specifies breach of contract.

Spell out how many missed dues payments, how many missed gallery-sitting days, how many whatever duties you specify as necessary someone must have in order to make their contract null and void with no refundible deposit and that their work and studio space will be removed to storage....

We have had several members over the years just not get it, that their dues check is not sufficient, that work is required for membership. If you don't spell it out that non-compliance means not being a member, then people will take advantage. People you know are nice people, but who may have an irrespinsible streak, a non-conformist streak, a lazy streak. Things you cannot predict, even in your own fine self sometimes.

Make sure you spell out exit procedures as well as entrance...waiting for them to get bored and quit on their own makes for a long many months...explain how they will be notified and how many times and then how to pick up their stuff....make it very impersonal so that no one person will have to be the heavy....this will ease feelings and make it easier if they ever want to come might very well want them back at a different phase of their life...

This sounds harsh and it is. Group dynamics can be rough, especially when their is money and obligation involved....

stacey ballard wrote:
Thank you all for answering my questions about starting up our co-op. It a bit frustrating sometimes, when I don't even know the right questions to ask. Right now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC

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