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designing glazes.

updated thu 5 jun 03


iandol on tue 3 jun 03

Dear Catherine White,=20

Sorry, this will not be possible. Clayart Server does not accept GIf or =
JPEG attachments.

In addition, some of this information may form part of a future article =
and I would like to keep it under wraps until publication happens.

I have access to books, possibly fewer, than everyone else. Cooper and =
Royle and Greg Daly are favourites. De Boos et al is another.

What people do with "General Knowledge" provided by such texts is what =
gives our art and craft its very varied flavour. I just read, ask some =
daft questions, then do the tests. The answers I find lead to =
contradictions. The next stage is to find out "Why"=20

But you were wise to ask.

Best regards,
Ivor Lewis