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cm on cm was tc's article on bc

updated thu 5 jun 03


clennell on wed 4 jun 03

Sour Cherry Pottery

> TC brought up a great point in the article, and something I've wondered
> about because I knew that Bruce is a teacher. That is, BC makes great pots
> while giving a lot of himself and his time to his students. I find that
> quite remarkable and it's great to see a man with skills in two worlds.
> Nice piece of work TC, thanks! Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon
> ps: I thought this issue of Ceramics Monthly was jam packed with really
> good work. One of the best issues I've seen!!

thanks Craig
Bruce puts in BIG hours.
You know I thought it was a damn fine CM issue too. I liked that bit of
work Highs and Lows by John Dix? The guy in Japan. Been there and bought
the T-shirt.
there is always a beer here for ya!